How To Choose Which Stock Yo Buy?

Stock trading is a little-complicated task. It is difficult to understand the essential market elements that hugely influence the different aspects of the share market. The government policies drastically affect the way in which markets function. It is considerably difficult to predict the nature of investments that we need to make. When there is a change in the prices of the commodities, inflation tends to crop up. This will impact the prices of stocks. We tend to get confused about which stocks and when to buy. It is quite evident that we take safer steps while investing. Read Bitcoin Trader scam review

Facts to keep in mind while investing

  1. Think about smart investing goals – Before we start doing something, it is important that we understand what our investment goals are. We have to think and analyze what are our long-term investment plans. It might be children’s education, marriage, our retirement plans etc. When we are pursuing such long-term goals, we should look at companies that are making stable and consistent profits. When we require sudden funds in the near future, we can look out for growth funds.
  2. Understand basic parameters – There are several parameters to evaluate a stock. The basic three are P/E Ratio, Revenue, and Dividend. The price to earnings ratio is an important factor. It is the price per share divided by the earnings per share. It is an indicator of how expensive a stock is and how effective it is if we buy it. Revenue talks about the total sales of the company. Profits of a company generally vary due to several reasons like their new infrastructure investment, government policies, raw materials demand etc. But sales will be a good measure to understand the company and it’s potential. The dividend is also an important parameter. It is the yield that we need to know. It is the dividend which is the annual payout divided by the stock price.
  3. Choose the most suitable sector – There are many sectors in the share market. If we are from the information technology, we can see some good IT companies making stable profits. If we have an idea about pharmaceutical companies, then have a look at the good performing companies there. If there is no specific idea, give some time to yourself and understand what the sectors available are, and understand their growth potential.

Now that we have got a basic idea of the stock market, we will have to look at the competitive spirit of the companies. The brand name that the company holds, its history, the products and its competitive advantage makes a great difference when compared to the other companies in the same sector. This will ensure that a company can continue growing and make huge profits and the confidence that it will dominate that sector and enjoy mass abundance. Invest in a big way, but choose the right option and aim for long-term benefits. It is investments that grow over a long period of time will last longer.


Benefits of filing your taxes early

Why do you want to wait until the last minute to file your taxes; doing things in a rush not only causes severe stress but also costs more money and can lead to costly mistakes in filing. But by planning your tax early you not only take care of your mental and financial health but can also use precious time in other meaningful activities.

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Here are a few benefits that might convince you to file your taxes early.

  • Monetary benefits must be reason enough to file early. Reports state that those who file their taxes early can earn almost $300 more than average as a refund. When you start early you have the luxury of time on your side and can ensure that you are claiming all the available deductions by doing thorough research and browsing on the IRS website about all the possible deductions applicable to your case. You will have the time to itemize your deductions resulting in more refunds than the standard deduction.
  • One constant threat that late taxpayers face is identity theft. Unscrupulous individuals use your social security number and file returns before you do and claim the refunds. To prove the theft is a long drawn laborious and cumbersome process that you would like to avoid under all circumstances.
  • When you have time on your hands you will be able to plan your finances well. By knowing how much you need to pay much before April you can make the required arrangements for money by either taking up a part-time job to supplement income or by reducing your unnecessary expenditures. Basically, you can start working towards a specific goal without using your emergency funds if you have any; a majority of Americans do not have any balance in their banks. This will also ensure that you do not end up paying late returns penalties to the IRS.
  • Procrastinating to the end is never good, remember hurry makes worry. Not only is it hard to get the appointment of a reliable tax consultant but it will also cost you more because all professionals are pressed for time and their expertise.
  • Most importantly you will be stress-free. Filing your taxes involves filing a lot of forms and reading through a lot of terms and conditions. It can be very tiresome and many a time due to the sheer lack of understanding you can end up making mistakes which add to your stress level. But when you start early, you can go at your pace and in the event, you need help you can seek it at practically no extra cost.


Like it or hate it but filing taxes is a must. In case despite your best efforts you have been unable to file your taxes do not rush through the process in the end. It is important that you file the returns properly and with the right information even if it laborious because the end of the day it is your money that is at stake. Take the time to secure your funds, because you owe it to yourself.



Using Trailing Stop Loss To Protect Your Trades

Traders use stop loss and also trail their stop loss. This is done so that the profit is protected in an open position. A trailing stop loss thus lets you protect your profits and does not make a profitable trade a losing one. This could happen because of a sudden movement in the stock price against your direction.

A trailing stop loss is also a great way to stay detached from the trade. This will let you not be emotionally attached to the trade.

What is a trailing stop loss order?

A trailing stop loss is like a stop loss order. The stop-loss order, however, would be fixed for a trade and the trailing stop loss will keep moving. The initial step would be placing a stop loss and you would be trailing this stop-loss ahead when the price starts to move in your direction.

Make sure that you understand that the trailing stop loss has to be applied only when the trade moves in your direction. If the trade starts to move in the opposite direction then you should get out of the trade at the set stop loss, you cannot adjust this stop-loss and increase it to stay in a losing trade for long.

The trailing stop loss is very flexible and it lets the trader protects his profits. This reduces his risk.

What are the similarity and the difference between stop loss and trailing stop loss?

A stop basically means that the trader is telling the broker that he needs to minimize his risk. The stop loss is fixed but the trailing stop loss is flexible and can be moved. This is as per how the price of the stock is moving. This lets the trader hold on to his positions for long and ride the trend without the fear of getting stopped out.

The trailing stop loss will be adjusted to minimize the loss and protect the profit.

Benefits of using trailing stop loss

One of the major benefits of using a trailing stop loss is that it lets you specify how much you are willing to lose. This also does not limit your profits. You can trail the stop loss on an asset that you are trading in. This could be stocks, commodity, options and even futures.

How should you use the trailing stop loss order?

You should take care that you do not place the stop loss close to where your current price is. If you place the trailing stop loss very close then the price may just hit and start moving upwards again.

The trailing stop loss should be placed in such a place that the price does not touch it till the market has shifted its course of movement.

The 3 Common Credit Card Fees

Your satisfying personal financial position is incomplete without the right credit, for which choosing the right credit card is important. While choosing a credit card for you, there are lot many factors to consider, of which the credit card fees is the significant one. The fees associated with a credit card might not be the standard set of ones, as different companies tend to charge different fees suiting their policies, terms, and conditions, undoubtedly! But, few fees are typical, as every other credit card issuing company available today incorporate them, of which the following 3 are the top ones.

  • Annual fee

No credit card company can just like that let you have the card without any financial benefits for them, in where comes this annual fee! Yes, although not all credit card company, at all the times charge you with one, the special ones like the secured cards and premium cards expect you to pay some suitable annual fee for the specialized benefits you derive by using these cards. For example, in case of you willing to re-build your credit, the secured cards might help you appropriately and in that scenario, your annual fee doesn’t matter at all, as it is no match to your coveted financial reputation, certainly!

  • Over-the-limit fee

As the name suggests, it is the penalty charged against your act of exceeding the permissible credit limit that has been legally accredited by the 2009 Credit Card Act! That is, according to the law, you should have opted-in to allow the issuer to process the over-the-limit transactions and issue a charge for the same. Even in that case, the maximum charge allowable is 35$, which can happen only twice during the period when your balance stays over the limit.

Avoiding this fee isn’t any difficult, as you either can stay well within your credit limit or opt-out of the over-the-limit option, in which case your extra transactions would go unrecognized or in other words, declined!

  • Late fee

Almost, every credit card issuing company expect you to pay the minimum card payment before the due date and if not, you would be charged this late fee! Only once the billing cycle that you have defaulted, the late fee is charged that can be extended until your credit card is charged-off!

Of course, to avoid one, either make your payments on time or in case of your expected delay, talk to your issuer to make some arrangements, which can happen favorably if you have always been on time with your payments till date!

Insights on Dividend Matter

The primary focus on the equity investors, their shareholdings and the requirement to pay out the percentage of the profits of the company, was high and the investors too were looking forward to the dividend form their investments made like the golden eggs form the hen, form each of the corporations where they had invested.

With too many regulations to be adhered to, reports to be submitted to the boards, the safer measures for the shareholders in the knowing the financial health of the company was to await the percentage of dividend declared, which was very important for them to understand the capital appreciation and the stable return to expect in the volatile situations. The measure is always on how much total dividend is paid in terms of the total equity returns in the markets.

Investors’ views

  • while many investors do not associate the equity income with the capital appreciation, dividend has played an important element in building the wealth of the companies, in times of negative returns which acts like a cushion in times of falling markets
  • the opportunity to accelerate growth is more if the dividend is reinvested for the investors to capitalize and accumulate additional shares during falling, market conditions at lower equity prices without a need to invest in any additional capital
  • The quantitative and qualitative view to evaluate the stock with metrics dividend payment is an effective tool to analyze how good the company is qualitatively run.
  • the management decision to distribute a portion of their earnings from the company to the investors and shareholders gives the meaningful perspective of the financial health of the company and confidence of management to face the future with a lot of discipline and efficient approach which buys in the trust of the investors
  • no amount of creative accounting estimation or any manipulation is possibly done as the investors are paid dividend based on the accounting choices of the company and the regulations been followed

Investing involves risk which is inherent, and they cannot expect the same percentage of dividend to be distributed YOY, as past performance cannot be guaranteed in the future, hence investors should carefully read the objectives, the risk involved, charges and expenses associated with the prospectus before heavily investing in the shares of a company in public. Market conditions are strong stimulators in determining the straightforward and effective tool of the investors in analyzing the quality and net worth of the company which is expected from a company.


Why is risk management important?

Risk management is essential for every organization. Irrespective of the size of the business, the industry to which it belongs, a risk management plan should be established in place as early as possible. Every business that has ever outshined its competitors and made a difference has had a risk-taking attitude.

Risk management starts with risk assessment where the organization has teams that work on recognizing the possible risks. After the potential threats are found, the teams then narrow down the ones that really matter. Risks could be both internal and external.

Financial decisions can be made with better accuracy

There are various types of threats or risks to look out for including credit risk, market risk and more. When the organization knows exactly what to look out for, aversion becomes simpler. And this would help the businesses stay financially prepared. And in the end, if you are looking for a reliable investor then remember that investors make it a point to analyze the company’s risk management strategies.

Improves the customer and employee satisfaction

Organizations that believe in taking preventive measures than corrective ones are the ones that are viewed with respect. Customers trust organizations with sound risk management plans. And employees would love to work for such organizations. Having satisfied the employees, as well as customers businesses, would be able to create an impact in the long run.

Identify the types of risks that matter the most

Operational risk, reputational risk, credit risk and market risks are the most common types of risks that every organization should be aware of. These help the organization to get the bigger picture of the credit performance to expect and the market position that the business holds. Risk management can sometimes get more complicated. For bigger organizations, the situation is even tougher. To improve the efficiency there are enterprise management tools available. There are small businesses that outsource risk management to vendors who are equipped with all such sophisticated tools for better risk assessment and management.

There is a rise in demand for risk managers

Every single risk that an organization crosses would have an impact on the financial performance of the organization. So risk management jobs are on the rise. Risk managers now play a crucial role in the growth and progress of an organization. They help in assessing the risks and thus helping businesses take critical decisions that help improve the strategies for success.

Top 3 Financial Benefits Of CSR

Whatever might be the individual goals of the corporations present today, everyone’s ultimate aim is to succeed financially, in where lays not only the growth but also the survivability of the organization. Therefore, every corporation follows unique ways to ensure that they are performing well financially to survive the competition and make it to the forthcoming years, prominently. Of all such ways incorporated, the simple, yet, effective way that can be used to improve the financial benefits of the corporate is by improving the CSR factor.

Yes, when a corporation is socially responsible, it increases its chance of gaining more financial benefits, in the following 3 ways.

Increased business reputation

The reputation of a corporation not only depends on the quality of the products they produce but also on the quality ways incorporated by them to produce the products, of which the social responsibility factor tops the list. Let’s consider the case of ‘The Body Shop’ for that. The success of their products is just not because they are made with quality or variety but also because they are made responsibly, without including any animal testing, which shows CSR is important for boosting the business’ reputation, which in turn boosts the financial benefits aka profits enjoyed by the corporation.

Operational cost savings

When a corporate believes in acting socially responsible and incorporate methods supporting the same, it can gain financial benefit in the name of ‘operational cost savings’. The classic example is the case of PepsiCo. We all are aware, how PepsiCo was constantly criticized for wasting the water resources and how the company decided to put an end to it by following water efficiency policies, this act of social responsibility has resulted not only in increased reputation of the PepsiCo, but also resulted in company saving nearly $80 Million in operational cost, which is nothing but a valuable financial benefit for the corporation!

Improves sales figures

Customers these days are becoming smarter, thanks to the increasing social awareness that encourages them to be responsible for what they do and whom they choose. That is why while choosing an organization’s product or service, a customer’s thought is not only limited to the product’s or service’s price, quality, and, appearance but also is concerned about their ethical value, such as preferring quilt bags over leather bags made of animal skin, preferring cosmetics that are not tested on the animals and so on that shows a responsible act by a company that concerns society and environment can help them earn more money in the name of profits.

Raising Funds- Gateway to Reap Profits

Money multiplies money” is a belief we may have come across. As a start-up business the seed money which is the initial capital money if self-invested from one’s own pocket gives liberty to function but does not give wings to reach the heights, there comes the necessity to raise funds for the business. Fundraising can be painstaking for a small business where they have no historicity. Injecting money into an already ongoing business need not be a matter of concern but to generate revenue at a state of evolution may depend on various factors. Why should I Invest in this? Needs to be answered, hence there are few guidelines on proposing financial institutions and fundraisers for capital investment in your business.

Nature of Business:

One of the major reasons for investment depends on the Realistic and Practicality of the business. Entrepreneurs often tend to be too optimistic about the future and potential success, end up being unrealistic. Financial institutions clearly scan the sustainability of the business and then process further.

More the capital, better the chance of survival:

The debt-equity ratio of any business should not exceed 2:1, which made vary from industry to industry. It takes a good level of waiting to achieve the breakeven first and then to reap profits. The business should also get breathing space between capital utilized and the final output. Hence the financial planning comes as the crux of the business. Also to manage the interest loans and other capital investment payback has to be taken care of.

Initial Public Offer” a route plan for generating capital proves to be proven business strategy. Once the business is operational with initial seed capital either owed or from an investor providing returns and a sustainable growth in the forecast, to raise further capital to achieve the forecasted growth and generate value for the promoter for taking the start-up risk and risk of initial capital contribution, IPO can be one of the best options.

It becomes the responsibility of the promoter and the management of the company to generate value for the shareholders of the company. Dividend payout is considered as one of the topmost value generating proposition for any company. A regular and timely dividend to the shareholders is perceived as one of the key factors to lure new investors in the company and generate further value.

Mutual Funds Basics

We struggle in lives and work only to lead a better life tomorrow. So, our today’s are all made for our tomorrow’s and we take necessary steps in determining them. We work, save a little, spend as much as our commitments and finally crib about not being able to meet the expectations set at the beginning.

So, how do we change the life course? How can we become better financially and stay independent? Well, investments are the path that we take to create a better tomorrow. The investments are made so that they help us lead a better life when we are no longer in a position to earn.

Life and investments:

There are many investment instruments that one can rely upon. They range from stock investments, bank deposits, insurance policies that cover life and also retirement, fixed deposits in different organizations, investing on companies via mutual funds, or any other mode, bonds and debts to others, and lastly just letting the money park in your savings account.

Now, when you are looking to seek growth to your money, each of them falls in a different order. Not all of them render the same returns as we expect, there are many factors determining the returns. Investing in markets is anytime the best vehicle to park your money for a longer growth period, where you will get returns, given that you have chosen the right path after a good research.

So, which vehicle is good and safe to park your money? Sometimes we get money in a lump sum, other times what is remaining with us is the small portion, so we need a solution to distribute them equally or even use the same path to achieve the end result! Exactly that is what a Mutual Fund investment does!!

Read more about Mutual funds:

Mutual funds are professionally managed investment tools that invest your money in other companies’ stocks, bonds, short-term funds, in the form of shares. Unlike investing in stocks, investment in mutual funds has many more people like you, so it’s a pool of investors that share the units available to the number of people in the pool.

Types of funds:

There different types of funds based on the maturity period of the scheme, based on the objective of the investment like to grow the corpus or looking for easy liquid funds and so on. Apart from this, there are also special funds that only concentrate on saving your taxes.