What can we do for you

We are a global asset management company with over eight decades of experience. We have successfully helped individuals and institutions to make profitable investments. We have adopted a research-intensive method of functioning that ensures that our clients can choose from a wide range of financial products.

We currently provide over 100 mutual funds and variety of investment strategies covering all assets classes, equities, fixed income and other alternative strategies. We have a specialized wing for retirement plans and college education. We have entered into several strategic alliances with our collaborators in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our working style

We have always given importance to quality over quantity. All our alternate strategies are based on our independent research analysis put forward by a highly competent and experienced team of financial professionals. We are constantly moving forward, going that extra step of looking beyond benchmark indexes and trying to reduce the impact of the volatile market while producing greater returns for our clients.

Our commitment

We value your time and your money. We have taken a pledge to provide you with the most accurate and timely advice that will help you in making the right choice and taking an informed decision that will have a great impact on your finances.

Our tools

Our sound financial advice is backed by some of the smartest financial tools in the market that are designed to empower you in making smart choices not only with regard to your investment but in managing your money on the whole. These tools are offered free to our clients. They can be personalized to meet your current situation.

These tools are based on data that we individual collect based on a patented financial model. Our tools will give you an insight into how your financial decisions will affect your finances before you actually part with your money.

Our recommendations are unbiased and fair. Our advice is based purely on your requirements and not on the products available. Our 80 years of existence is proof of our integrity, value and our commitment to user interests.

The pillars of the organization

Transparency, accuracy, unbiased advice and value of time are the pillars of our organization. We do not compromise on our values and always strive to present a fair deal to our clients.

Mutual respect is a keystone of our organizations and our investors and clients adhere to it at all times.